Superb development capabilities using a wide range of technologies.

  • iPhone/iPad iOS development since 2008
  • Android
  • MySQL and SQL Server
  • HTML 5, CSS, JQuery Mobile, XML, ASP and Javascript
  • Payments integration including PayPal with APN
  • .NET Winforms
  • Visual Basic 6 and migration to VB.NET
  • Java (Swing, Android and Kindle) using Eclipse and Netbeans
  • Data migration - Excel to MySQL etc
  • Flash and Actionscript
  • SOAP and eBay API development
  • Music and Photo Kiosk development
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XCode and Objective-C to produce iPhone/iPad apps as well as Mac OSX.

Android and Kindle development using Eclipse.

Visual Studio 2008-2015 developing in VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET.

MySQL and SQL Server designing database and creating stored procedures. Creating web services and using XML and JSON to communicate with the databases.

Website design in ASP, ASP.NET and HTML 5 with JQuery. Experienced with Javascript.

Integration of payments into web sites (ASP.NET and ASP) including PayPal with APN.

Using Visual Studio to produce desktop applications. Migration of Visual Basic applications to VB.NET. Development of complete Customer Management System for a publication company.

Java applications development including programs for eBay to list items and data migration.

Data migration from Access mdb, Excel .xls spreadsheets, CSV to MySQL and SQL Server.

Flash games development including animation and lip sync. Development of Flash utilities, for example to enable file upload with client side rescaling of images.

Very experienced in the use of the eBay API in order to list items on eBay, monitor current items for sale and handle post sale processing.

Development of Kiosks in .NET including a photo kiosk and a music kiosk.

Source Control using Subversion and Git.


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iPhone FootballAlbum

The Social Network for Football Fans

Available to view in App Store here

FootballAlbum was developed from scratch to be THE Social Network for Football Fans.

I also developed the back end using .NET and some CMS features using ASP.NET

Developed the data gathering application that gets the Opta data, stores in the SQL Server 2012 database and then returns data in JSON format.

Chat system developed from scratch in .NET

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iPhone/iPad Sudoku

Play Sudoku, Kakuro, Killer Sudoku and others on your iPhone or iPad

Available to view in App Store here

Written in Objective-C and C (to handle the solver routines).

Uses web services to get puzzles and to update online scores.

MySQL database and stored procedures used.

Uses Games Center to achieve in game chat and head to head multiplayer games.

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TalkTablet is a fully-featured AAC speech solution for people who are unable to communicate clearly as a result of Autism, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Laryngectomy or other condition that adversely affects a persons ability to speak.

Available to view in App Store here

Written in Objective-C using ASP.NET. Developed for iPhone and iPad.

Using SQLite database and MySQL database for sharing function accessed using .NET web services

Sharing data using XML (encoding and decoding)

Text to Speech and custom chat function

Dedicated additional app to allow non TalkTablet users to communicate with TalkTablet users (free text chat) and VOIP





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School App

App for schools which gives live information to parents and students. Gives directions and offers location services to help parents get to the right place at the right time.

iPhone App

Available to view in App Store very soon.

Written in Objective-C

Uses location services (MAPKit).

Events services to insert events into user's calendar.

Using MySQL database and XML for obtaining up to date information using .NET web services.

Uses Push notifications to alert users of important notices.

Android app also available.




Mobile Web App

Implemented in JQuery Mobile

Designed to mimic the iPhone application, offering same functionality with a similar user interface

Use of App like transitions between "screens"

Fast and responsive application for users of all devices




ASP.NET Content Management System

Implemented ASP.NET

Provides a quick and easy way to manage dynamic information.




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A complete system for subject revision and testing. The system allows students to do tests and these can be done on any web browser, including iPhone and iPad. Once tests have been performed the system allocates retests and these include questions to further test the subject knowledge concentrating on areas highlighted as needing extra work. The retests do not include the same questions again. The teacher feedback area gives teachers an analysis of how their students are performing in the different subjects.

ProRevision was developed in ASP.NET and uses AJAX to produce a slick user experience that works on all devices; desktop and mobile.

ProRevision uses a MySQL database and extensive use of complex Stored Procedures.







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CRM System

A Customer Management System for a publishing Company. The system allows the creation of clients, the specification of their requirements, the allocation of products to customers and the creation of those products.

The CRM system is for a Company that publishes puzzles for print media as well as online.

The system was developed in .NET and also uses C++ in order to implement some of the puzzle generation.

The puzzles are stored in a MySQL database.








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AuctionSplash is a complete system for buying and selling on eBay. It runs on your desktop and monitors active listings, giving notifications when some action is necessary. It allows the eBay seller to list through the eBay API and offers free picture hosting and free templates.

AuctionSplash was developed in .NET and uses WinForms. It uses an Access Database and makes extensive use of the eBay API using the vast majority of the API calls.








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MPZPlayer and Music Kiosk

Before touchscreen MP3 players were even a twinke in Apple's eye; I was developing the first touchscreen music player. First developed in Visual Basic and then ported into VB.NET this application featured innovations such as Cover Flow and Scroll Bounce (wish I had patented that one !!).


The music kiosk was developed for Marks & Spencer and offered burning of the user's created music compilation.

Also coded was the integration with CCTalk to offer note and coin handling.

Innovative use of technology to provide an acclaimed touch screen MP3 player.







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Photo Kiosk

A complete Photo Kiosk developed in .NET

Included advanced image handling and preparing for printing.

Also coded was the integration with CCTalk to offer note and coin handling.

Excellent "quality" software which remained bug free in use.

The kiosk took images from SD Card or via bluetooth.








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